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Find your dream bathroom

A dream bathroom is a bathroom in which you feel happy about absolutely everything. Real dream bathrooms are therefore more than just beautiful bathrooms. They are bathrooms whose elements, layout and functions are optimally aligned with your habits and preferences. On the basis of the most beautiful showcase bathrooms, we reveal how you can fit out and comfortably furnish your bathroom in a modern way. Discover how you can design your bathroom in such a way that it makes you happy every day – with modern bathroom design and fantastic bathroom ideas to suit every taste and room layout. Our bathroom photos show you enchanting showcase bathrooms that, best of all, are dreams that really can be fulfilled!


Warm tones, natural materials and lots of space.

This personal oasis of wellbeing will quickly ease the stress of everyday life. Dark, muted colours lend a special sense of calm to this dream bathroom which is inspired by fire and earth. This feeling is picked up on and enhanced with natural materials – wood and stone. The KALDEWEI products made of superior steel enamel accentuate the natural feel and lend the bathroom a truly special quality.

The CONODUO bathtub invites you to relax and dream, so that you quickly forget all about stress.

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Hamptons Chic

A Perfect Match for the bathroom.

High ceilings, lots of space and big wooden-framed windows – many home-owners dream of having a bathroom in a period building. Rightly so, as this room shows. Muted tones and a keen eye for detail have turned this dream bathroom into a veritable oasis of tranquillity. The ideal sanctuary for escaping the rapid pace of everyday life. You’ll find our bathroom solutions relaxing as well: with the CAYONO DUO bathtub you can simply submerge yourself and allow your mind to wander. Or choose the quick variant of a shower – with our CAYONO shower surface.

No steps, no sharp corners. The CAYONOPLAN shower tray is your entry to the world of floor-level showers. Do you have very specific room requirements? That’s not a problem either because the CAYONOPLAN offers infinite scope to suit every bathroom. Whether your bathroom is small, square, or long with a width of up to 66,93 inch – with 22 different sizes we have something for everybody. See for yourself.

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Designer Bathroom

Everything fits together perfectly in this dream bathroom!

Harmonious colours, inspired by nature. Elegant materials, stylish accessories and exciting highlights. In addition, bathroom objects made of exquisite steel enamel.

A hot bath combined with a calming view of the countryside. Where and how could you end your day in a more beautiful way? Immerse yourself in our CAYONO DUO bathtub made of fine steel enamel and let yourself be inspired by the spacious interior, which offers plenty of room and comfort. Thanks to the centrally positioned waste, bathing for two is also easily possible. By the way, you can still relax after bathing - thanks to our easy-to-clean material, cleaning is child’s play. 

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In the morning for a refreshing start to the day or in the evening as a cleansing conclusion after work, sport or leisure - whenever and however you shower: The CAYONOPLAN is your shower! You can choose from a large number of dimensions, colours and surfaces and create your own individual oasis of well-being.

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The PURO washbasin made of exquisite steel enamel is another highlight in this bathroom. In connection with the designer lights, the mirror, the high-quality fittings and the high-contrast washbasin furniture, a wonderfully harmonious overall picture is created. The washbasin made of hygienic and sustainable steel enamel not only impresses with its unique design, the PURO is also a practical everyday companion. Thanks to the pore-free, enamelled surface, dirt and bacteria do not stand a chance. 

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Small but Perfect

An inviting, wondrous bathroom.

Vibrant colours, a punchy floor design and a variety of shapes make this dream bathroom really big. Because – a truly special bathroom doesn’t have to be enormous. On the contrary: this dream bathroom’s charm lies in the depth of character packed into a small space. And it proves: a small space and a bathtub are not mutually exclusive. 

Persuasive lines. The MEISTERSTÜCK CENTRO DUO 1 LEFT bathtub sits perfectly in the corner where its curved shape is a visual highlight.

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Truly eye-catching: the MIENA washbasin bowl features a delightfully delicate design.

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For comfortable, floor-level showering: The SUPERPLAN shower tray is available in many different sizes and is suitable for rooms of all dimensions. 

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“Inspired by the best designer in the world – Nature.”


Colours and Surfaces

With our new Coordinated Colours Collection and the stylish Trend Colours, we make our precious KALDEWEI steel enamel stand out. Aesthetics are combined with the best and most modern surface technology here. A shower tray, a bathtub or a washbasin made of steel enamel is not only a visual highlight, but also an extremely practical everyday companion thanks to the pore-free, robust surface.


Aesthetics meet hygiene

With the optional KALDEWEI EASY-CLEAN FINISH, our bathroom solutions made of steel enamel receive a special, dirt-repellent protective coating. The EASY-CLEAN FINISH is standard in our washbasins and can also be combined with our bathtubs and shower trays made of precious steel enamel. Thanks to the EASY-CLEAN FINISH, the water simply glides off and takes with it almost all dirt and limescale particles. This makes cleaning the already sustainable KALDEWEI steel enamel even more environmentally friendly and easier.


Aesthetics meet safety

Beautiful design with maximum functionality: With our SECURE PLUS you get a surface finish that is noticeably slip-resistant and almost invisible. The non-slip enamel applied over the entire surface ensures more safety in the bathroom. You do not have to make any concessions visually: The SECURE PLUS technology can be combined with all colours from the Coordinated Colours Collection and is almost invisible. In this way, you ensure optimum stability in your floor-level shower made of hygienic steel enamel. SECURE PLUS is the optimum solution for the bathroom of the future: Start your barrier-free bathroom planning with a large floor-level shower, refined with SECURE PLUS. Our surface technology is extremely safe: TÜV Rhineland has certified KALDEWEI SECURE PLUS as having anti-slip properties compliant with quality class B for wet barefoot areas (DIN 51097) and quality class R10 for anti-slip characteristics in work spaces and working areas with an increased slip risk (DIN 51130). See for yourself!